Why did Beyonce choose Jay-Z over all the other suitors out there? She tells Piers Morgan.

Charli Penn
Jun, 28, 2011

No nonsense CNN talk show host Piers Morgan had the honor of having the ever-so-talented Beyonce sit down to chat with him during her historic London visit.

When it comes to talking about anything besides her music career, Beyonce is usually pretty tight-lipped. Piers pushed the issues just the same, asking her why she chose Jay-Z over all the other men she could have had in the world, and grilled her about once saying she’d have kids at 30.

We were surprised she even responded to his questions at all, but she did. It looks like Piers may be more persuasive than we thought. Watch what Beyonce has to say on heartbreak, falling in love, Jay-Z and future babies...