"The View" cohost will have to do a few more reps to meet her weight loss goal after a weekend indulgence. Find out how her trainer caught her in the act.

Dec, 16, 2009


Did Sherri Shepherd cheat on her diet? She sure did. "The View" cohost is slimming down this summer so she can be photographed in a bathing suit, but she'll have to do extra reps to burn some added calories she sneaked over the weekend, according to People.com. "This weekend, I was out in L.A., and I'm tweeting about [how] I had fried calamari and I had some buffalo wings and I just went totally off my diet. And it was great!" The comedic actress said on "The View" Monday. "I did not know that my nutritional coach and my trainer follow me." We hope Shepherd learned a valuable Twitter lesson: you never know who's "following" your every move. —ZH

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