Before you put your man in the doghouse for a Valentine's Day gone wrong, read this!
Dec, 16, 2009

If your beau doesn’t make the grade this Valentine’s Day, don’t charge it to his heart but his head. Research has found that men are still a bit clueless about when V-Day is. In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, a recent Yahoo! study discovered that men turn to the web to find out the exact date of the holiday.  As no surprise, while men are typing in, “when is valentine’s day?,” women are more apt to seek out “valentine gifts,” accounting for over half the searches. 
In other words, don’t make your sweetie sleep on the couch this holiday if he fails to rent a horse and carriage for the night or take you on a hot air balloon ride during the sunset. Instead, occasionally remind him of the Cupid’s day a few weeks in advance if you’re looking for a romantic “surprise.”  Next year, if he unashamedly ignores your not-so-subtle hints, then you’re allowed to hand him his personalized pass to the doghouse.

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