Tia Mowry's Birthday Braids Are Summer Hair Goals

Tia and her twin sister Tamera celebrate their 39th birthday today!

On the eve of her 39th birthday (July 5), Tia Mowry pulled off yet another chic hair transformation. Adorned in cornrows accented with charms, the actress and cooking expert captioned her latest photo with, "It's almost my birthday."

It looks like Mowry is embracing a more intricate style, with braids that are micro-size and flowing down either side of the face. Is anyone else swooning over this summer-centric style?! 

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Aside from celebrating her birthday with a new 'do, Tia also has been relishing a 20 pound weight loss. In another recent Instagram update, she said, "I've lost 20 pounds! Many asked how? Diet and cooking out of my cook book #wholenewyou."

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The weight loss comes after having not only sharing all of the healthy recipes she's been whipping up in her kitchen, but also after social media trolls made comments about her weight earlier this year. Tia has always been vocal about the dangers of body shaming and the importance of self love; something we've grown to love and admire about the TV star. 

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We can't think of a better way to spend a birthday than by celebrating a fabulous hairstyle and healthy body. Only time will tell what other looks Tia experiments with this season. We'll be patiently waiting! 


You mentioned that you and your sister might be doing some more TV work together. Yes! Any more [UNKNOWN] you can spill on that? Because your fans definitely want to hear on Essence Live. Goodness, you guys. I can't really say much but all I can say is is that your wish- 99.2% [LAUGH] will be happening. Okay. We are having meetings and coming together to think about how we can get a Sister, Sister reunion to happen, because we hear about it all the time, and Tia and I, we love our fans. And we wanna make that happen. We talked to the rest of the cast. They're all excited. So now, it just fingers crossed, we just need a home. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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