The West Virginia Official Fired For Calling Michelle Obama An 'Ape' Is Getting Her Job Back

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It seems the consequences for being openly racist on a public platform are short lived for many.

It looks like the consequences of making racist remarks about the First Lady of the United States are short lived.

You may remember the name Pamela Taylor as the West Virginia director of a local nonprofit who was switfly fired from her job after including an outwardly racist insult directed towards First Lady Michelle Obama in a social media post last month, but it appears her employment status is about to change yet again. According to The Hill, Taylor is set to be quietly reinstated at the Clay County Development Corp later on this month, just before Christmas.

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In the bogus Facebook post at the center of it all, Taylor described Melania Trump as "classy, beautiful and dignified," while comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to "an ape in heels." Her comment was later cosigned by former West Virginia Mayor Beverly Whaling, who resigned shortly afterward, following a barrage of local outrage and residents calling for her removal from office.

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As has become customary for racist white people to do after receiving backlash for making intentionally-racist statements on public platforms, Taylor later "apologized" for her comments.

Unfortunately, it seems that was all it took for her employers to excuse her behavior and allow her back into the fold.

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