Vic Mensa Joins #NoDAPL Protest: 'This Is All Of Our Battle'

Photo by Brian Ach
"When one of our freedoms is on the line, all of our freedom is on the line. Fight for freedom."

Rapper Vic Mensa recently traveled to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota to join the protest against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which threatens Native American land and drinking water.

The Standing Rock Sioux also claim that the pipeline violates federal antiquities laws and an 1851 treaty.

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Mensa posted images and video from the protest urging fans to take action. "If you believe in the inalienable rights of people; the right to clean drinking water, the right to food & shelter and the right to freedom then you have to support standing rock," he wrote. 

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Mensa has been incredible at using his platform to speak out, taking on issues such as police brutality, race, and the election.

"Get on a plane, drive, take a bus do whatever you have to do," wrote Mensa. "December 5th the Army Corps has set an ultimatum for the people camped at standing rock, saying that they will forcibly remove the water protectors. When one of our freedom is on the line all of our freedom is on the line. Fight for freedom."

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