This Iraq War Vet's Story About His Translator Will Leave You In Tears

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Another reason why Trump’s ban on refugees from countries like Iraq and Syria matters.

One result of President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is the flood of painful—yet hopeful—stories from immigrants and refugees who have struggled leaving their own countries to find a new home in America.

One story in particular making its' way around social media is that of Iraq war veteran Dylan Park. First shared on his social media on Saturday afternoon, Park's story is an awe-inspiring explainer of what it means to offer asylum to locals who reside in war zones while working with U.S. troops. They are often putting their own lives, and those of their families, in danger for a chance to one day live the American dream.

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For Park, his special relationship with his interpreter, 16-year-old Brahim and built from his first deployment, was one that changed his life. These two men, brothers in war, built an even stronger fraternity when they rediscovered each other in the U.S. Their story is a testament of kindness, love and humanity.

Read the heartwarming story for yourself below.

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Read the heartwarming story for yourself.

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