BET Founder Bob Johnson: 'Give [Trump] A Shot'

Photo by Ron Adar/Getty Images
His exact words: give the President-Elect “the benefit of the doubt.”

BET founder Bob Johnson is telling black folk to give Donald Trump “the benefit of the doubt” after meeting with the President-Elect at his Trump National Gold Club in New Jersey this past weekend.

"Trump is a business guy, and I think he's going to tilt towards finding [a] way to use fiscal move the economy forward," he told CNBC in an interview Monday. "Let's give him a shot. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt; see if we can find common ground."

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"That's what's best for African-Americans," Johnson added. To be clear, he supported Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency.

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Paraphrasing Congressional Black Caucus member Rep. Bill Clay Sr, Johnson said, "Black Americans should have no permanent friends, and no permanent enemies, just permanent interests."

And that African-American should focus on their permanent interests.

Trump’s “what do you have to lose” pitch during the campaign did little to capture the black vote. We’ll see how they adjust to his presidency.

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