10 Non-Black Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out In Support Of Black Lives Matter

The presence of social media has proven to be vital as our nation continues to deal with the many social issues plaguing our communities.  For many of today’s celebrities, using their influence to speak out and take a stand has become an important part of their platform. While it’s certainly true that the viewpoints of celebrities should never be the sole motivating factor behind change that’s needed whether they speak out or not, it’s refreshing to see those whose careers we all impact through our support of their craft chime in when they are needed most.  As the African-American community pushes forward in unity to fight for justice, a handful of familiar Hollywood faces are joining the fight with us to acknowledge that Black lives should matter no matter what color your skin is.  From Pink to the Scandal cast to Nick Jonas, here’s a look at 10 non-Black celebrities who have spoken out against the police brutality epidemic targeting the Black community and what they had to say.
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