These great gadgets have the "cool" factor your teen will love!

Dec, 13, 2016

We are in a day and age where teens are addicted to their cell phones. If you find that your teenager is all about his phone no matter what the circumstance, it’s time to gift him with something that will keep him busy outside of the device.

When you have someone who loves technology, a basic toy may not do the trick. Search for gadgets that offer the fun of toys, but have more of a “cool” factor. We’ve rounded up four giftable devices and toys that he is sure love.

HEXBUG BattleBots Arena ($176) 

Hoverboards are not out of style. The best part about gifting them this holiday season is they are updated and even better than last year. This version from Razor works indoors or outdoors and auto-levels itself for a safer ride. These may take some getting used to, but once he masters it, he won’t be able to stop. No need to drive him to and from his friends house in the neighborhood, he will be excited to transport himself.

Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar ($300) 

Drones are among the hottest toy crazes this season and this one fits the bill. Though he will need to use his phone to get the most out of this toy, you won’t have to worry about him running up your SMS plan while he’s playing this. Set your course and race this drone using your smart phone. Just download the app and start racing. It’s super easy and great for fun competition.