Solange Wears Duckbill Hair Clips As Barrettes For Album Cover and It Looks Cool AF

Photo by Instagram/@SaintRecords
The colorful clips literally look like butterflies perched on her wavy locks.

Once again, Solange proves that she can do no wrong with her style and beauty choices.

Instagram is still abuzz over Solo's upcoming album, A Seat At The Table, and its accompanying digital book. 

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However, the hairstyling on the album cover, shot by Carlota Guerrero, is what really caught our eye. 

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Solo, being the curator of cool that she is, is rocking a modernized marcel wave that's adorned with duckbill clips. Yes, the clips that you use to put flyaways in check and keep hair off your face while applying makeup.

Of course, she isn't using them for either of these purposes (because that's way too basic for her) and instead, has them scattered throughout her hair as decorative accents.

The colorful tips on the end of each clip literally look like butterflies perched on her wavy locks, making this moment both quirky and stunning.

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