Tina Knowles-Lawson Reflects On Teaching Her Daughters About The Importance of Black Beauty

Photo by Paras Griffin
The mother of two spoke candidly about the need to stay ‘culturally connected’ on the 2017 ESSENCE Fest Beauty and Style Stage.

With every corny, but adorable joke and Instagram update, Tina Knowles-Lawson continues to be the epitome of mom goals. Yesterday (June 30), the hairstylist and fashion designer brought her infectious energy to the 2017 ESSENCE Festival Beauty and Style Stage, where she reflected on her personal beauty journey as well as the lessons she continues pass down to her daughters Beyoncé and Solange.

Speaking on the importance of having positive Black imagery in the household, she said,  “I taught my girls from day one. I surrounded them with African art and images of beautiful women that they can relate to. I told them that they were beautiful. I showed them every shade of black. We’re all sisters and we gotta celebrate that.”

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And even though both of her daughters have grown up and started families of their own, Knowles-Lawson continues to emphasize how staying “culturally connected” is imperative, especially while raising kids in a place where everyone isn’t of color.

“You gotta take [the children] to a dance class…or a community center, “ she added.

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Knowles-Lawson is also a treasure trove of beauty secrets, but her most prized ones are simple and almost impossible to mess up.

“What’s really important is to wash your face every night. The makeup will age you,” she shared. “It’ll dry your skin out. Use a cleanser, even if it’s something from the drugstore.”

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