Maxwell Reveals What’s In Store For His 44th Birthday And The Keys To Romance

Photo by @Maxwell/instagram
The R&B singer gives us a few pointers on love. 

Maxwell celebrates his birthday on May 23 and, while you might imagine that the singer has grand plans, he’s actually keeping things low key. 

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“I have a show in Nashville,” the singer told ESSENCE, adding that after the show he doesn’t really have plans. “When you’re on tour you just sip tea and go to sleep.”

While that’s not as exciting as we imagined, the singer did say that once the tour raps and he’s able to take a break, he might take time to celebrate. A belated birthday party doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

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We also had to ask the iconic R&B singer how he does romance. Especially considering him and television personality, Julissa Bermudez are a cutesy couple. What does love look like to Maxwell?

“I’m pretty elaborate. I’m a gift giver. Flowers, surprises, trips, and stuff like that. Memorable stuff.”

He adds, “More than anything it’s not just things, it’s checking in and letting them know that you’re there. Making sure they take care themselves, get rest, just taking care of them."

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