5 Things You Are Unconsciously Doing To Damage Your Hair

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Plus, quick and easy tips for putting an end to these common culprits. 

So it's almost spring time, and you're committed now more than ever to maintaining healthy hair! You've followed the advice of your stylist to deep condition bi-weekly, moisturize often, trim regularly and much more.

But after all your dedication, you're still noticing some damage. Here are 5 bad habits you may be unconsciously doing: 

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Too Much Hair Manipulation: Are you a beauty that likes to constantly switch up her do? Be cautious of over-styling, over-combing and over-brushing.

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By over-manipulating your hair with brushes and combs that cause too much friction result in thinning, split ends and breakage.

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Instead, use a non-static wide tooth comb for detangling and a 100% boar bristle brush to smooth and condition the hair.

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Using a Regular Towel On your Hair on Wash Day: The quickest way to undo all your hard work on wash day is using a regular towel. Towels made with cotton or terry cloth vary in softness, absorbency and durability.

However, these "regular" towels tend to be a harsh on hair strands and can actually worsen existing issues, such as split ends and dryness.  

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Switch to a t-shirt or microfiber towel, as these fabrics are less abrasive and not as harsh on strands.

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Using Too Much Product: Using too much styling product not only leaves your hair weighed down, but also contributes to breakage. Use only what is necessary to achieve your desired style and if you happen to use a lot of product, plan to wash your hair shortly after to avoid the hair being weighed down for an extended period of time.  

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Not using your blow dryer properly: Often times, we forget to attach a nozzle or diffuser. Using either or will not only deflect direct and excessive heat; it'll also help concentrate the airflow directly and evenly to the hair.

To prevent further frizz and breakage, hold the blow dryer by the handle and make sure that the nozzle is parallel to the hair. Invest in a blow dryer that is lightweight and has multiple heat settings such as the  Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer.

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Using Poorly Made Bobby Pins: No matter your texture, using bobby and hair pins for many styles is a must. However, these styling aides can also be the cause of some hair damage. When a bobby pin is poorly made, these small, but powerful hair accessories can rust, snag and snatch.

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To prevent unnecessary damage, purchase high quality ones and dip them in a small amount of oil before using to provide lubrication. 

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