Patti LaBelle Is A National Treasure And Side-Eye Queen

Photo by Raymond Hall
LaBelle is really the auntie we never knew we needed. 

Patti LaBelle is an icon, legend, and queen of banana pudding. She’s also a side-eye superstar and truth-telling national treasure. In honor of her birthday, we're looking at all her best and shady moments caught on camera. 

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Take for example this soul destroying side-eye moment on an episode of The Tyra Banks Show, when some random White lady thought she could come for the queen. 

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Or that time she kicked a guy off stage for trying to strip.

And, her side-eye is unmatched.




Let’s not forget the time she said some people shouldn’t be judges on American Idol.

Or that time she appeared on The Marriage Ref and gave some child-rearing advice. 


The singer doesn’t hold her tongue and it’s one of the many reasons we love her.


Honestly, we truly don’t deserve Patti LaBelle.

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