KeKe Wyatt Reveals People In Music Business Thought She Should Terminate Pregnancy

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The singer opens up about her eight children, the one on the way, and how they're all a blessing.

In April, KeKe Wyatt announced that she and her husband, Michael Ford, were pregnant with their ninth child. Wyatt has three children from a previous marriage, Ford has one child from a previous relationship, and they share four together.

Throughout her career, Wyatt has managed to balance motherhood with performing and she opened up about the dynamic with The Christian Post.

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She revealed to the publication that early on in her career at the age of 18, it was suggested to her that she terminate her first pregnancy.

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"I had just gotten married and my career all in the same year," she said. "The people I was working with tried to get me to get an abortion and I was like, 'Excuse me!' They were like, 'It's going to end your career.' So, I gave birth and after I gave birth I was KeKe Wyatt."

She drove the point home, adding, "and I'm still KeKe Wyatt."

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Wyatt has gone on to have a successful career that's produced five albums and a role in Bounce's Saints & Sinners where she's playing a preacher's wife. The 35-year-old contends that regardless of what people think, all of her children are a blessing and haven't slowed her down. 

"I just don't believe in shutting down. I believe in that's what the Lord had for me. Babies don't get in the way of careers, we get in the way of careers. If that's what the Lord had for me from the very beginning, there's nothing nobody can do and nobody can say."

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Adding, "[They] gave me more power to fight. That was my gasoline. 'Oh he needs diapers... hey, alright!' Every time I have a baby I fight more and I'll never stop fighting."

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