Ayesha Curry Is Coming Out With A Cookware And Kitchenware Collection

Photo by Amanda Marsalis
Curry is making another move toward building her culinary empire.

Ayesha Curry is taking her culinary empire to all new heights--the wife, mom and chef announced on Wednesday that she will soon debut a new cookware and kitchenware collection!

Curry shared the news on Instagram and promised that more details are to follow on the passion project she's looking forward to bringing to our cabinets and counters. 

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"It's official! So excited to share that I'm working on a new cookware and kitchenware collection. Putting my heart and soul into every step and loving it! More details coming soon!!!," she wrote in a caption.

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Having debuted her first cookbook, The Seasoned Life and dabbled in the restaurant business during summer 2016 with "International Smoke," so this next venture isn't suprising but it's oh, so thrilling! 

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