Not Everyone Was Impressed By The Seattle Seahawks’ National Anthem Demonstration

Photo by Jonathan Ferrey
The Seattle Seahawks’ NFL opening weekend demonstration, to some, fell flat.

The NFL opening weekend kicked off with many demonstrations during the national anthem Sunday following Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the national anthem in protest of social injustice.

Many however, were not impressed with the Seattle Seahawks, who had alerted the public that they too would be making a group statement, after their demonstration of locking arms in “unity.”

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Kara Brown, of Jezebel, felt the Seahawks said “nothing,”  GQ’s Damon Young described their social media campaign and demonstration as “the equivalent of grabbing the world’s loudest bullhorn to amplify a whisper,” and Katia Wilson of HuffPost doesn’t even deem the demonstration as a protest, stating, “the Seattle Seahawks are not willing to make anyone, or themselves, uncomfortable.”

Many fans have also expressed disappointment with the Seattle Seahawks, calling the team “sell outs” for their “All Lives Matter,” approach to their demonstration.

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What did you make of the Seattle Seahawks’ demonstration? Was it a call for unity or political cowardice? 


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