Black Wedding Moment of the Day: When The Groom Is Surrounded In Prayer On His Big Day

Seeing these Black men bow their heads in prayer over their friend is bringing our hearts joy. 

A photo posted by Davy2mas💋 (@dav_elaine) on Sep 3, 2016 at 9:18pm PDT

There is nothing quite like seeing Black men with her heads bowed and arms extended in the act of prayer for someone they love dearly. 

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For one groom, his beloved group of groomsmen did just that and seeing the moment beautifully caught on camera is bringing the Internet such joy. 

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With his held up to the sky, the groom stands with pride as the men around him ask for happiness and love to follow he and his new bride always. 

We are giving our sincere congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs! 

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