Supreme Court Rules Against Reinstating Discriminatory North Carolina Voting Law

Photo by Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images
Another victory for African-American voters as the presidential election approaches.

In another victory set to have a significant impact on the upcoming presidential election, the Supreme Court has ruled against reinstating North Carolina's discriminatory voting law.

The provisions of the controversial law, which included stricter voter ID requirements and the massive cutbacks of early voting, were found to disproportionately target African-American voters in an earlier ruling this year. In light of the court's decision, none of the law's questionable policies will be in effect in the state for the upcoming election in November. 

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The ruling is particularly good news for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who took to her personal Twitter account with a celebratory message following the announcement on Wednesday.

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The North Carolina voting law was previously championed by the GOP, who denied claims that it included policies that served to reduce the number of African-American voters.

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