Sasha Obama Lands a Summer Job on Martha’s Vineyard

Photo by C.Evans/Boston Herald/Polaris
Sasha Obama experiences life as a normal teenager with a summer job on Martha's Vineyard.

Now that Sasha's growing up, she's slowly merging into the family spotlight. Her initiation: the media documenting her every moment while working at a local seafood restaurant on Martha's Vineyard. 

News surged of the youngest Obama working Nancy's takeout counter in Martha's Vineyard's Oak Bluffs area when the Boston Herald got wind of Sasha's summer plans. You would think restaurant employees would have gushed over the First Daughter joining the team, but the truth is people didn't even know it was her at first. 

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Working under her government name, Natasha, staff - aside from management of course - didn't realize who the new girl was until they deciphered why she was always surrounded by six additional "helpers." Who are her helpers? Secret Service of course!

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“We were wondering why there were six people helping this girl, but then we found out who it was,” a Nancy's employee told the Boston Herald.

Sasha is working the eatery's morning shift, which ends for her at 11:30 a.m., but that won't last for long. According to TMZ, the 15-year-old is only working this week while she waits for the rest of her family to arrive for their two-week summer vacation.

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Sasha Obama may be the president's daughter, but that doesn't mean she's not learning the value of hard work like every other American teenager - well, most of them anyways.

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