Study Reveals How Men and Women View Cheating Differently

A new study echoes what women already knew: when it comes to cheating, men and women are never on the same page.

When it comes to cheating and infidelity, men and women don't agree on the definition. 

A new study from Science Daily states that there are specific relationship problems and issues that trigger how individuals define infidelity. 

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According to the research study, "women were more likely than men to identify both sexual-based and emotion-based acts as constiuting infidelity."

Men on What Defines Cheating​

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Three hundred and fifty four participants were asked about approaching infidelity in three different ways including sexual, intimate and fantasy.

Ultimate findings determined that men aren't as likely to identify interpersonal bonds as a form of infidelity, unlike their female counterparts who want to establish and maintain connections for longer periods of time. 

The new study echoes one that was conducted in 2015 in which researchers found that most men are more likely to be upset by sexual infidelity and women are more bothered by emotional infidelity.

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