So Long Vajayjay! 15 Fun Names You Call Your Lady Parts

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We asked what you call your vagina and your answers were everything.

Is it time for “vajayjay” to move over and let another cool nickname for your lady parts get some shine? Well, we asked you what you like to call "her" and your answers gave us so much life.

These are our 15 favorite.

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1. "Sweet Thang"  - @tamdenise15

2. “Cookie Box” - @winkiequeen1318

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3. "Honey Pot” - @Thickjamaicangirl

4. “Kuku” - @tamaranycc

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5. "My Lady Love" - @findyourjoy77

6. “Pocketbook" - @cig01

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7. “Patticake" - @thickchic_onawa

8. “Sugar bowl" - @thickchic_onawa

9. “Hooha" - @sensleep

10. “Black Panther" - @ritarwilliams597

11. "Utopia" - @Not24seven

12. "Pretty Place" - @MochaMelodu

13. "Lotus Flower" - @eatsbeatsnlife

14. "My pot of gold" - @model_behavior876

15. “Giney [pronounced gyn-knee]” - @megibella

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