Black Twitter Had the Timeline Lit Once Again with #MemeHistory

*insert praise emoji hands here*

If you didn’t know by now, we live for Black Twitter and today the whole timeline gave us life.

With the help of memes and gifs, users retold history with the hashtag #MemeHistory and we couldn’t help but laugh until we almost cried.

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Slaves: "Are you serious? You want us to run away with you?

Harriet Tubman:#MemeHistory

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Harriet Tubman after successfully helping to free Black folks through the Underground Railroad. #MemeHistory

Black people when white people "invented" Rock N Roll #MemeHistory

when the romans saw Jesus walking around palestine 2 days after they crucified him #memehistory


Black Twitter Asks #WhoIsStaceyDash and the Results are Pure Comedy

When Paul Revere saw the British coming #MemeHistory

When Mary told Joseph she's pregnant but still a virgin. #MemeHistory

Pepsi when they accidentally burned Michael Jackson #MemeHistory

Jesus after being risen from the dead. #MemeHistory

When David brought a sling and stone to a sword fight

"We didn't enslave them. We rescued them. Made em Christians. This is all fine. " #MemeHistory

#MemeHistory basically all of history

Cain watching Abel receive God's blessing #MemeHistory

When Jesus turned water into wine #MemeHistory

Adam when God asked who ate the apple #MemeHistory

When colonialism ended and whites started calling themselves Africans & refused to leave. #MemeHistory

the disciples when they saw Jesus walking on water #MemeHistory

The other animals when they learned they wouldn't be the chosen pair for Noah's Ark #MemeHistory

Jesus, after the resurrection #MemeHistory

Noah waiting for the floods after people didn't believe him they would happen #MemeHistory

#MemeHistory How Rosa Parks was sitting when someone asked her to move to the back of the bus.

When Jesus turned water into wine #MemeHistory

The Bush Administration when they couldn't find any WMDs in Iraq #MemeHistory

When there were no weapons of mass destruction. #MemeHistory

When Bush said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and the country believed him: #MemeHistory

"Should I eat this apple or nah?" - Eve #MemeHistory

When restaurants were first integrated and Blacks had White folk's potato salad for the first time #MemeHistory

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