Talib Kweli: Zoe Saldana Wasn’t in Blackface for 'NINA' Biopic

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The rapper said he is very interested in seeing Saldana's performance.

According to Talib Kweli, Zoe Saldana wasn't in Black face for her role as Nina Simone in the forthcoming biopic entitled NINA.

Kweli took to Twitter over the weekend defending the actress...sort of. 

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In a series of tweets, the rapper engaged with followers in commentary about the casting decision. 

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I'm right here. Zoe darkening her skin to play Nina ain't blackface anymore than blue face for avatar was blueface https://t.co/PTz80O5i9A

Nina Simone's Brother is Not Happy About the Casting of Zoe Saldana in 'Nina' Biopic

Unforunately, Kweli's tweets weren't too popular among Black twitter and the timeline soon became full of a back and forth battle on what was right and wrong.

Franchesca Leigh, a popular online personality, called out the Brooklyn native for his bias towards the project.

#NinaSimone's story includes colorism faced as a dark skinned woman. so colorism in the casting her biopic is disappointing @TalibKweli

The hip-hop artist didn't back down from defending his point of view. He even sighted Denzel Washington's perfomance in Malcom X, Forest Whitaker in his Oscar winning performance in The Last King of Scotland for reasons Saldana's darker makeup in the movie is acceptable.

I don't agree that a black woman darkening for a film role is automatically traditional blackface as we know it https://t.co/RO1wF2MOda

Whether Zoe is convincing or not does not change the colorism issues. But I am still interested in her performance. https://t.co/qq3MBkHB3V

My relationship with Nina Simone ain't abstract it's actual, in many ways. I live and study music & movements. Know this when you show up.

I saw Nina Simone perform at Carnegie Hall. Watched Ms Hill w Nina in Paris. Remade 4 Women. Sampled Sinnerman. I know my Nina. Trust.

Lol at people who never met Nina or any of her family trying to tell me what I can and can't say. I met Nina. I know LSK. I do this.

What are your thoughts on Talib's tweets? Are you too interested in seeing Zoe's portrayal?

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