New Research Says Bearded Men Are More Likely To Be Sexist! Ouch!

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New research findings show that bearded men are more likely to have sexiest views toward women. Based on your personal experiences, would you agree?

Without question, bearded men are having a moment with the ladies. (Hey Idris!) But does all of that face fuzz represent more than just casual hotness? Well, maybe. New research has found that bearded men are more likely to be sexiest toward women.

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A group of Australian researchers examined a group of men from the United States and India and asked them to say whether they agreed or disagreed with specific questions about gender roles. The 500 participants were categorized by whether or not they were clean-shaven or had some facial hair (mustaches, beards, goatees, etc.). Their results found that the bearded men were more likely to display signs of “hostile sexism”—more negative attitudes toward the opposite sex. The authors of the study, which was published in the journal Archives Of Sexual Behavior in October, believe this is because the men who grow facial hair do so "because it maximizes facial masculinity and augments perceived dominance."

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Hmm. We’re not convinced on this one. (John Legend and Common are total sweethearts!) In your experiences with dating bearded men, would you agree with these findings? Thoughts, please!

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