'General Hospital' Star's Twitter Meltdown: When White Privilege Tries to Interrupt Greatness

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Soap opera actress Nancy Lee Grahn took to Twitter to bash Viola Davis' Emmy acceptance speech. She later apologized, but the damage had already been done.

Poor Nancy Lee Grahn. It must be hard to not know that you’re a closeted racist, and then the Internet gives you a rude awakening.

The General Hospital star basically ended any peace she would be enjoying on her Sunday evening when she tweeted her dislike of Viola Davis’ incredible and inspirational acceptance speech. Davis had just made history as the first African-American woman to win for Lead Actress in a Drama.

I wish I loved #ViolaDavis Speech, but I thought she should have let @shondarhimes write it. #Emmys

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Viola Davis winning lead actress Emmy's historic. My upset is acting awards dont fix racial injustice. As an actor I see how irrelevant we r

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I never mean to diminish her accomplishment. I wish I could get her roles. She is a goddess. I want equality 4 ALL women, not just actors.

I apologize 2 anyone who I offended. I'm women advocate since I became one. After reading responses, I hear u and my tweet was badly phrased

I apologize for my earlier tweets and now realize I need to check my own privilege. My intention was not to (cont) http://t.co/uyre6WPeeH

30 yrs an advocate 4 human rights & now i'm a racist. Color me heartbroken. Twitter can bring out the best & sadly tonight the worst of us.

@MelioraEsq and i heard harriet yTubman and I thought Its a fucking emmy for gods sake. She wasnt digging thru a tunnel

Black Twitter immidiately swooped in and their clapback game was, of course, relentless.

.@NancyLeeGrahn, you aren't being honest. You saw Viola's color enough to say that she didn't speak for "all" women. https://t.co/MdMvozAtTG


@NancyLeeGrahn Why didn't you say all of this when all the white women tonight won their awards? Not a peep when they got on stage.

.@NancyLeeGrahn it's not just about Viola winning the Emmy. It's about representation for black girls who need to see themselves as more

@NancyLeeGrahn pic.twitter.com/kGXmC55slW

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