We Tried It: Spray Tanning

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 Assistant Digital Beauty Editor, Virginia Lowman, got a spray tan and she thinks you should too!

Summer is coming to a close, which means that winter is not far off (daunting. I know.) Lately, I've been on an 'endless summer' kick which means, weekend trips to the beach, sundresses, and curly hair or beachy waves (thanks, extensions!) For warm days when I don't want to weight my skin down with a full face of makeup, I like to perk-up my cheek bones to and the high planes of my face with a little highlighter to add to my summer glow. So when I received an invitation to a spray tanning event, by tan extraordinaire, St. Tropez, my first thought was "the last thing I need is a spray tan!" But, it's my job to be knowledgeable on all things beauty so, I RSVP'd and prepared to go a shade darker.

How I Prepped

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What To Expect

The Results

Depending on the tan that you choose, it's likely that you'll only become one shade deeper than your natural hue. More than anything, you'll notice that your skin looks a bit rosier and your body—your legs in particular—will appear to have more definition thanks to a great technique called "contour tanning." I went with a basic tan since this was my first experience. I'd do it again, but I going forward, I would opt for an at-home application instead of going to a salon so that I could choose the amount of coverage. However, if you are considering getting a spray tan for the first time, I definitely recommend going to a salon so you can pick up the tricks of the trade from the pros and institute them at home.

Tell us about yourself! Have you ever had a spray tan? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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