ESSENCE Poll: What's Your Number One Self-Care Secret?

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This summer Olay released a study revealing that Black women age much slower than women of other races. Whether it's spirituality, health or beauty practices, how do you take care of yourself?

Earlier this summer Olay released a study revealing that women of African-American decent age about 10 years slower than their counterparts of other races. Although this wasn't a surprising find, it got us thinking. There are so many ways other than skincare that make a woman look and feel her best.

From being centered on a spiritual level to healthy eating and exercise practices, there are many things that can make you glow and feel your best.

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We want to know how you take care of yourself. What are your secrets? Is it through your faith, healthy habits or even through a beauty routine that makes you look great? Let us know!

What's your number one self-care secret?
My Spirituality
Healthy Eating Habits
Beauty Upkeep
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