'Scandal' Recap: 'A Few Good Women'

Shonda Rhimes continues to school us on sexual crimes in the military in the latest episode of Scandal. 

Shonda Rhimes took us to school again.

This time, she used Scandal as a platform to dissect the rampant number of unreported and unpunished sexual crimes committed against women in the military. After all, as one Newsweek study proved, women in the armed forces are more likely to be assaulted by a fellow soldier than killed in combat.

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The episode, which aired Thursday and was aptly titled “A Few Good Women,” began with Vice President Susan Ross visiting a Naval ship. While there, she noticed a significantly large bruise on the wrist of Ensign Amy Martin (guest star Emily Rios, Breaking Bad.)

Ever the instigator – God bless Susan Ross, right? – the VP got Amy alone and asked her what happened. When Amy didn’t come clean, good old Susan made it her mission to get to the bottom of things because somehow she knew Amy had been raped. Things escalated from there and when Fitz and Cyrus refused to intervene, Susan turned to Olivia because she knew Olivia would get it done.

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The most powerful man wouldn't do anything about it, so Susan Ross took the problem to the most powerful woman. #Scandal


Yes this is a show but seriously something needs to be done about women sexually assaulted in the military. They deserve better. #Scandal

Olivia had her obstacles and she had to endure an incompetent military lawyer, sexism, cronyism and the like but she kept fighting like only she can and she got Amy the justice she deserved. Olivia even brought down the Navy Admiral who raped Amy. Sigh. Olivia was so on point – once again – that she had viewers wishing she were real.

It's frightening to think how many military women have been sexually assaulted & didn't have an Olivia Pope to help them #Scandal

what if military rape cases actually moved along this quickly? #scandal

Speaking of real, the scene where Amy got an abortion was truly hard to watch. In many ways, it was more gruesome than seeing Quinn pull off one of Russell’s fingernails with a pair of pliers during their dizzying torture session.

But Ms. Rhimes had a point to make and boy did she make it. Women in the military go through too much and it’s time that we did something about it. Wasn’t that Mellie’s message?

Sure, she used the topic to get votes and throw Fitz under the bus, but Mellie was onto something. Perhaps there should be a separate judicial committee that deals with sexual assaults in the military – against women and men.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Fitz is telling Mellie to throw Fitz under the bus to win her campaign. It’s awesome. #Scandal

I always want to cheer for Mellie and then I am forced to remember she's a Republican. SMH. #Scandal

Amy Martin’s case and Mellie’s senatorial aspirations weren’t the only things that had people tweeting up a storm. As previously mentioned, Quinn and Huck tortured Russell to try and get him to talk about Foxtail.

Russell didn’t utter a word, of course, but that didn’t mean Huck and Quinn didn’t have their fun. But you know what wasn’t fun? Seeing Jake and Russell bond over how cray cray Rowan is.

Sure, it was kind of cool to see that Russell isn’t a total tool and it was great seeing Jake have the upper hand again but seriously, how many of Olivia’s former lovers are going to kick back beers and become BFFs? Too weird.

But we could be wrong. After all, some fans liked the bonding and some didn’t.

I don't know whether to feel investigative about that Russell and Jake bonding moment or just turned on. It's mostly the latter #Scandal

So if Rowan was like a father to you ...Russell and Jake that means you kind of were committing incest! #Scandal


Wait - are Jake and Russell BONDING???!!??? WTH? #Scandal

Other unexpected twists included finding out that the simple-minded naval lawyer dude was really a knavish B613 agent sent to free Russell; seeing how great of a team Fitz and Mellie are; and learning what Foxtail is.

Well, we know Foxtail involves Papa Pope and Mellie but we don’t know if Rowan means Mellie harm or good. Our guess is harm.

What was your favorite part of Scandal last night and do you think someone is going to die in next week’s season-four finale? Weigh in below.

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