'Black-ish' Recap: 'Please Don't Ask, Please Don't Tell'

Homosexuality is a hot–button topic in the black community. Check out the comedic way black-ish handled the topic.  

Homosexuality is a hot–button topic in the Black community.

It’s also a topic most Black people prefer to avoid, according to Dre on Wednesday night’s hilarious and timely installment of black-ish, ticking off a list of taboo subjects which also included whether or not O.J. Simpson committed murder, the appropriate number of buttons on a suit and our love of Robin Thicke.

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Dre’s list was so funny it inspired some viewers to come up with their own lists of forbidden topics in the Black community.

Black people don't like talking about the love they have for Mama's Family #blackishABC pic.twitter.com/sAZ8Ui18HK

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Homosexuality came up because Dre’s sister Rhonda (guest star Raven Symoné) is a lesbian but no one in their family – especially their mom – acknowledges it. But it’s not like Rhonda tried to hide it. She lives in a one-bedroom apartment with her mechanic girlfriend.

Of course, some viewers wondered if this was the actress’ way of coming out, too. Some fans were just happy to see her in the role while others were impressed with the way black-ish handled the topic.

Is Raven Simone done denying that she's a lesbian by playing a lesbian on #blackish??

That's so Raven is playing a lesbian who is getting married on this episode of Blackish and I lovvvvvve it.

Wow #blackishABC did a great job addressing the black family's complicated relationship with LGBTs. I hope Rhonda's a reoccurring character

Ramping up the comedy, Dre talked about his sister’s sexual orientation with his goofy coworkers. Charlie had everyone beat, of course, because he refused to believe his own brother, who is married to man, is gay. Meanwhile, back at home, Junior was the last to figure out that his Aunt Rhonda and her girlfriend Aunt Sharon are gay. Fans loved both scenarios.

Yes Charlie your brother & his hubby might be gay! #blackishABC

I'm going to need Junior to kindly get it together, you're supposed to be book smart AND street smart#blackishABC @MarcusScribner

Making matters more complicated, Sharon let it slip to Rainbow that she and Rhonda were planning their wedding. That’s when Rainbow realized that they hadn’t been invited and neither had Dre and Rhonda’s mom Ruby. So Rainbow rocked the boat and challenged Dre to really talk to Rhonda about being a lesbian and the wedding. As expected, the conversation was epically funny and Rhonda even made up a few words including “lesbianic.”

"Lesbianification" "Lesbianic" these words they're making up#blackishABC

Their talk was so good that Dre went overboard and outed Rhonda at the family’s Mother’s Day dinner. Sadly, this had Ruby seeing red as she refused to acknowledge her daughter’s girlfriend and lifestyle and called on “black Jesus” to help her cope. When black Jesus wasn’t enough, Mama Ruby turned to the Bible and seafood.

She called on black Jesus so you know it was real #blackishABC

"Gay or no gay, I'm taking my shrimp" Dre's momma only read half of Leviticus #BlackishABC

She gonna quote the bible but not gonna give up the shrimp! I love this show. #blackishABC

"...The book of Leviticus says its an abomination!" "Uh, Leviticus also says the same thing of Shellfish & polyester blends." #blackishABC

In the end, Ruby conceded that her love for her daughter was even deeper than her homophobia. She even said she might attend Rhonda and Sharon’s wedding. That’s progress.

Other highlights included the flashback from Dre’s childhood where his mother didn’t allow him to eat bananas, Rhonda saying that Dre has never been underweight, Charlie’s list of horrible ways to die, Diane and Jack’s Mother’s Day gift battle and Ruby’s endless attacks on Rainbow’s cooking. Rainbow’s happy dance that her mother in law had threatened to leave and not come back was also a treat.

You ready for this? Plenty of ppl can make an entrance but let Ruby show yall how to make an exit. #blackishABC pic.twitter.com/i41WKIcilc

"My momma was so homophobic she wouldn't let Dre eat bananas when he was little" Man #Blackish is too much tonight

What did you think of the latest episode of black-ish and did you enjoy the way the show tackled homosexuality in the black community? Weigh in below:


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