Lenny Kravitz Will Join Katy Perry At Super Bowl Halftime Show

Photo by Ruven Afanador/ Lenny Kravitz: Visual Memoir
And let us say hallelujah! 

We can all agree the highlight of the Super Bowl is the halftime show.

In 2004, we were treated to a collaboration between Janet Jackson, P. Diddy, Nelly, Justin Timberlake and Kid Rock (Janet's infamous wardrobe malfunction, anyone?). In 2007, we got Prince. Five years later, we got a smorgasbord of entertainers, including LMFAO, Nicki Minaj and a controversial M.I.A. In 2013, a reunited Destiny's Child graced the stage. And this year? Lenny Kravitz.

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Though pop singer Katy Perry is the headliner this year, she announced on The Today Show this morning that our favorite rocker—Lenny Kravitz—will be joining her at the February 1 Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show.

"My first special guest is going to be an incredible rock and roll icon, a guitar god," Perry told Willie Geist before sharing the news. "He's the coolest." 

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No word yet on which songs the duo will perform, but you can find us watching with our eyes glued to the television.

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