Mentally-Challenged Woman Dies After What Family Describes As a Police 'Take-Down'

Photo by NewsNet5
The victim, 37-year-old Tanisha Anderson, could be heard reciting "The Lord's Prayer."

Cleveland resident Tanisha Anderson's family says she was violently "taken down" by police officers last week, leading to her untimely death. It's a tragic case that family members are calling "police brutality."

The 37-year-old's uncle, Michael Anderson, says he called authorities asking for help after he was unable to control his niece, who he said had mental health issues. Anderson said he called authorities--reportedly requesting an ambulance--three times in the span of more than 30 minutes before officers finally arrived, only to execute what reports are calling a "violent take-down move" after Anderson refused to get in a squad car. The force caused Anderson to collapse, but an ambulance was called only after she went limp. No weapons were used, and the police department is under investigation.

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The police department claims that she did not die at the scene; she still had a pulse while on her way to the hospital. Shortly before she died, she could be heard reciting "The Lord's Prayer." 

The heartbreaking case remains under investigation.

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