Soledad O'Brien Focuses on Police Brutality in Latest 'Black In America' Documentary

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"Black In America: Black & Blue" will explore the trend violent tactics used by police against people of color.

Soledad O'Brien is back and telling a chilling story about police brutality against Blacks and Latinos in her latest installment of Black In America.

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Airing on CNN—O'Brien's former employer—Black In America: Black & Blue will spotlight what has become a deadly epidemic where Black and Latino men are subjected to unnecessary harassment by police officers, Clutch Magazine reports. The one-hour documentary will include in-depth interviews with police officers from the NYPD, shocking footage and first person accounts of police brutality, and some revealing confessions from police officers who admit that "stop and frisk" is more about fulfilling a quota than protecting citizens.

This upcoming installment of Black In America is a timely one as tensions are still high in Ferguson, Missouri over 100 days since the shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. Protests in the city have been ongoing as they await a Grand Jury decision as to whether or not to indict Officer Wilson.

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Black In America: Black & Blue airs this Tuesday, Nov. 18. on CNN.

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