Jesse Williams Tweets Frustration with Mike Brown Shooting, Trayvon Martin Costumes

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"What about black pain is so fun to you?" tweeted the Grey's Anatomy star.

Jesse Williams is asking the tough questions about the state of our justice system. The Grey's Anatomy star held nothing back on Tuesday in a series of tweets condemning the shooting of Black teen Michael Brown by the white police officer Darren Wilson. 

After blasting a teen to death in front of 6+ eyewitnesses, it doesn't appear that #DarrenWilson will even have to get off his couch.

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Very rarely are there over 6 eyewitnesses to a murder. That alone, never mind the immutable facts, warrants a trial. #WeHaveASystemForThat

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Let's say #MikeBrown did fight w/ #DarrenWilson- let's say it was worse, HE SHOT UP A THEATER. No weapon + significant distance = Can't Kill


Last week, a leaked autopsy report revealed that Brown was shot in the hand and had possibly fought Wilson in the back of the police car. These new details seemed to support the officer's version of what happened the night Brown was shot but Williams says that this isn't enough to excuse the murder of the Black teenager.

Of course #MikeBrown's blood is in the car- the cop shot him. Giving him every reason to run. None of #DarrenWilson's blood in the car tho.


With the swell of black death at the hands of cops & vigilantes, I have some genuine questions for this specific segment of the population:


You loud few, relishing in blustery opinion over fact. Lurking in anonymity, unable to survive outside the lazy comfort of


of conclusions drawn long ago, unencumbered by the inconvenient realities of actual information.


When "men" violently assault women, your reaction is never "Well, girls hit girls all the time." That would be repugnant. Consider why.


Williams also used his social media platform to bring attention to a series of racist and insensitive costumes that have been popping up this Halloween season. Most notably, people have been poking fun at the Ray Rice domestic violence incident by coloring their faces, dressing up as the former NFL star, and dragging around Black dolls to depict Rice's wife, Janay.

What about black pain is so fun to you? From where is that joy derived?


When #Halloween comes around, how exactly does dressing as Trayvon and other illustrations of black pain, make you feel? Please be specific.


We don't reflexively celebrate random or routine white death, make memes of your bleeding corpses, etc. Tell us about this unique obsession.


Williams went on to shed light on a history of racial hatred in this country and urged his followers to leave their racial prejudices behind them.

Blackness has never been a threat to whiteness. Whiteness has always actively threatened blackness. This is not a matter of opinion.


White people have played a crucial role in nearly every social justice movement in this country. Indifference is not your duty or heritage.


You need not carry the heavy, hollow burden of racism any longer. Leave it behind. Be for something, and not because it's easy.


The brief service interruption has subsided. Please remember the target and the context. #Actions #Reactions Good day.


Williams is one of many celebrities and notable people who've been following the Mike Brown case and participating in the Ferguson October protests. His candid and insightful social media posts have helped to give more details about what has been going on in the Missouri town following the shooting. 

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