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ESSENCE Poll: Do You Care If Your Man Fights Your Battles?

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Last night's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode ended with husbands Gregg Leakes and Peter Thomas in a heated argument.

NeNe's normally calm husband Gregg was angry with Peter about the way he spoke to his wife a few episodes ago at Kenya's charity event. Gregg's actions were surprising to some because NeNe, the only remaining original member of the show, has proven to be quite capable of defending herself over the years.

How do you feel when your man gets involved in your battles with other people? Do you appreciate it or prefer to handle things yourself? 

Do you care if your man fights your battles?
Yes, it's his job to come to my defense.
No, I don't like watching him get involved in drama.
Total votes: 269