Must-See: Check Out What Ellen DeGeneres Got Oprah for Her Birthday

The popular talk show host created a sequins portrait of Oprah. "She's gonna like it… I spent a lot of time on it," said DeGeneres.

Guess what amazing gift Ellen DeGeneres got Oprah for her 60th birthday?

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The popular daytime talk show host created what appears to be a giant sequins portrait of Oprah—it's dazzling!

"It's a big one, 60, so I got her a present," said DeGeneres. "She's gonna like it… I spent a lot of time on it. Pretty. Each one hand-done. Took me months to do that thing."

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DeGeneres followed up with a funny fake phone call to Oprah to wish her happy birthday. The comedian said she snagged the number from Stedman Graham's phone when she visited the couple.

Take a look at how the fake phone call went down.

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