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ESSENCE Poll: What Is Too Comfortable In A Relationship?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Last night on Chelsea Lately, Gabrielle Union shared that she's never hid her farts or bathroom habits from fiancé Dwayne Wade. 

The Being Mary Jane star explained that from the beginning of their relationship, "There was none of that, 'I don't fart, I don't poop' I'm gonna be in there [the bathroom]!"

She went on to joke that once she got the engagement ring she was like, "'Oh by the way, I go three times a day and I leave the door open! And I don't light a match."

We love Gabby for keeping it real but how real is too real? In a relationship, where do you draw the line on how comfortable you are with one another? Is it farting, burping and other bodily functions? Or are you still hiding your scarves and bonnets when your man sleeps over? Are there certain quirks you try to shield your partner from? Let us know where you draw the line below!

How comfortable is too comfortable in a relationship?
Bodily Functions: Farting, burping, using the bathroom together, etc.
Uncleanliness: Dirty socks, underwear, hygiene products, etc.
Night Rituals: Wearing scarves, bonnets, retainers, etc.
Other Quirks: Tell us in a comment!
Total votes: 436