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Kevin Hart Donates $250,000 To Philly School District

Kevin Hart
Photo Credit: Instagram

Kevin Hart may be a comedian, but the struggling school district in his hometown, Philadelphia, is no laughing matter to him. On Wednesday Hart took to Instagram for a "Public Service Announcement,":

"I am taking 250,000 & donating it to the school district & parks & recreation centers to help them buy new computers! My city made me who I am today and for that I am thankful. I will make it my priority to help my city get out of this debt."

In a statement, the Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter expressed his gratitude: “I want to thank Kevin Hart for his incredibly generous gift to our schools, recreation centers and citizens of all ages," he said. "These computers will have a very meaningful impact on Philadelphia.”

Hart Instagrammed a photo having a ball with kids at school which he mentioned will benefit from the computers.

Kevin Hart

The struggling school district closed 24 schools and laid off thousands this summer. Also, in September a recent school death of a 12-year-old suggests having a full-time nurse on staff could have prevented this.

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