Keri Hilson Pays Homage To T-Boz

Photo by Instagram
Hilson instagrams a picture channeling T-Boz's 90s style.

If you were tuned into TLC's VH1 biopic last night, social media was buzzing all about it, including admittedly die-hard TLC fan Keri Hilson. The singer/songwriter gave Instagram followers a "fair warning" early in the day by taking to Instagram to post a throwback image of the group along with the the message, "I'll be "ON THE TLC TIP" today!! I CANT WAIT!!"

While the movie was airing, Hilson definitely kicked into official #FanMode, sporting a blonde wig and a wine-colored pout reminiscent of an early 90s T-Boz.

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Later that night Hilson posted a second image mirroring the singer's baggy "Creep" video style to the "T" by wearing a white tank top, khaki pants, a plaid button down tied around the waist and Doc Martens with a note that was retweeted by T-Boz saying, "Thank you to TLC for making this tomboy comfortable in her skin."

It's great to see female artists supporting one another.

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