Rihanna Kicked Out of United Arab Emirates Mosque for Photo Shoot

Photo by Instagram/Gomillion Leupold
Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque officials reportedly asked the pop star to leave the area because her photo shoot violated the "status and sanctity of the mosque."

Trouble seems to follow Rihanna where ever she goes around the globe.

On Saturday, the pop star was booted out of Abu Dhabi's Grand Mosque after officials found her photo shoot disrespectful. They released a statement saying the fashionable shoot, although she followed the country's strict dress code, was at odds with the mosque's "sanctity," reports Fox News.

Despite getting the boot, Rihanna posted the photos to her Instagram account—crediting photographers Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold.

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Rihanna's photo shoot didn't go over well with a few fans in the region, reports the Huffington Post. Many of them spoke out about her actions, calling her shoot "plain wrong" and "disrespectful to the place of worship." Others shared their support for Rihanna, citing nothing wrong.

After the snafu, she later put on her Diamonds show on Yas Island.

Last month, the pop princess caught flack after tweeting about a sex show she saw in Thailand. Those tweets led to three arrests in the area.

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