ESSENCE Poll: What Sets Off Your Road Rage?

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If you drive, chances are you’ve experienced road rage. What sets you off?

Last week’s incident on New York City’s Westside highway between a driver and a gang of motorcyclists is continuing to make headlines.

For those who may not have heard, a motorcycle rally spiraled into violence when two-dozen riders surrounded a Range Rover after it bumped a biker on the highway. Some of the riders then dismounted their bikes and approached the SUV and began damaging it.

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When the driver took off, he ran over one of the motorcyclists. The other motorcyclists then pursued the SUV, shattered the driver’s-side window, pulled out the driver, and beat him on the street. Both the driver and the run-over motorcyclist sustained injuries and about five of the bikers have been criminally charged. 

The incident between the motorcyclists and the SUV driver is an unfortunate and extreme example of what can happen when drivers let road rage get the best of them. The incident got us thinking—if you drive, chances are you’ve experienced it at one point or another. Whether it’s you mumbling under your breath when that driver cuts into your lane or yelling out your window to the driver swerving because they’re trying to send a text.

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What sets off your road rage?

What sets off the road rage within you?
No Turning Signal
Being Cut Off
Packs of Motorcyclists
Too Slow/Speedy Drivers
Careless Drivers
All Of The Above
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