ESSENCE Poll: Can You Separate the Artist from the Art?

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Kanye West is mad. Like, really mad. Again.

Kanye West is mad. Like, really mad. Again.

Our favorite notoriously sensitive artist was none too pleased about being made fun of by Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week. So, in Kanye fashion, he took to Twitter to rant…and rant. Backstory: Kimmel hired two child actors to re-enact West's sometimes bizarre BBC interview in which he called himself "the biggest rock star on the plant."

Of late, Kanye has become as famous for his music as his rants. Much like a Chris Brown, Terrence Howard or even R. Kelly, we love the talent, but loathe the outbursts. Is it possible to separate the man from the art? And if we can't, does that mean we're green lighting the bad behavior? Sound off in the comments below. 

Can you separate the artist from the art?
Yes, their art is work, not their personal life
No, it's hard for me to separate the two
Total votes: 130

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