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Niecy Nash: The Soul of a Woman

Niecy Nash signed copies of her new book, It's Hard to Fight Naked, for fans at the Convention Center while flaunting a sexy red lip, mile-long lashes and a side-swept bang.
Photo Credit: Michael Rowe

As women we often think we have to be all things to all people, all at the same time. As a wife, mother, actress and businesswoman, I definitely feel the pressure to perform well in all areas. Women with kids, a husband and a career, have been accused of having it all and complaining about any of it is considered a sin to those who don’t. Well, I can say from experience that the devil in hell cannot stop you from being blessed but he can alter whether or not you enjoy the journey.

The soul of a woman is so important to maintain given all that is on our plates. Figuring out how to do it can be a little tricky. My prayer was, ‘Lord, please help me. How can I do it all and not be overwhelmed? How can I do it all and still be happy?’ His answer: Find the stolen moments of joy in all you do. Yessss honey! I got excited because now I had something I could put in action. First, I created a place in my house that was a special retreat. Before I moved into my new house I would go sit down in the closet. It was the only place I could have privacy to think, pray, clear my head. The space I have now is custom. It’s an outdoor seating area that instantly brings me to a serene state of mind.

I keep my soul in balance with my husband by making time to "download.” At the beginning of the day we have pillow talk before we get out of bed. At the end of the day we find a quiet place (sitting by the pool, taking a walk, or laying across the bed) and we share our day. Good, bad or funny we talk about it all. If you make your best friend and your significant other the same person you don’t have to disconnect to go tell you girlfriend everything. We also make sure we laugh everyday—no matter what.

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