Tanisha's Tips: Is Dating in the Workplace OK?

Are you falling for an office cutie? If so, follow these three key pieces of advice to keep your job.

A reporter called me yesterday asking about my thoughts on dating in the office. Ugh, do I really have to talk about this? Then I thought, 'Yeah, you do,' because this happens more often than one would think and Black women can easily lose their minds over the swoon that a male co-worker can bring. My take on the whole thing ladies? Don’t do it.

Falling for that tall, dark, and handsome co-worker can have you quickly losing your mind and your job in one fell swoop. Why? Because if you can’t keep your professional hat on at all times, then it makes you look unprofessional, undignified and uncouth while he’s looking like the big man on campus. Sad, but true.

My best advice is don’t go down this long, winding, road to nowhere, but if you do, follow this advice:


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