Obama Kicks Off First Campaign Bus Tour

The Obama campaign heads out for the first bus tour of the reelection campaign. 

President Obama is back out on the campaign trail. He kicks off his Battleground bus tour today, which plans to cover Ohio and Pennsylvania — both states he won in 2008. The two-day trip is the president's first official bus tour this year as he works towards reelection this November.

The Obama campaign is calling this the "Betting on America" tour. The president is scheduled to make four appearances and discuses his efforts to get the economy back on track, reports EUR web

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A Gallop poll this week showed Obama leading presidential hopeful Mitt Romney 48 to 43 percent. 

According to campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt, "Throughout the trip, he’ll talk with voters in their communities about what he’s done to bring the economy back from the brink, from investing in manufacturing to doubling down on the American worker to saving the auto industry and encouraging companies to bring jobs back to America."

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The tour ends in Pittsburgh on Friday. Future bus tour dates have yet to be released.


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