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Affordable Vibrators At a Drug Store Near You

Woman Lingerie
Good news: Women no longer have to sneak in an out of sex shops in a hurry or purchase products online they hope will arrive in an inconspicuous boxes just to have a little fun. Shopping for personal vibrators is now as simple as going to the corner store.

The next time you walk by the family planning aisle in your neighborhood grocery store, look closely at what’s for sale. You’ll notice vibrators mixed in with the usual condoms and sexual aids and they’re not calling them “neck massagers” anymore.  What you see is what you get girls. This means you can now head to the drug store to pick up toothpaste then hop on over to the next aisle to browse new toys to try. As if that weren’t new enough to make you smile, would you believe they’re affordable too? We’re talking under $20!

The taboo on these products has been lifted and top retailers say they’re putting them out there because its’ what their female customers have always requested to see more.

So where should you starts? We’re loving the new LifeStyles A:muse™ Personal Pleasure Massager ($15) because it’s got a great price and lots of fun features, like multiple intensity features and water resistant capabilities. Look out for Trojan’s Tr-Phoria and Durex’s Allure which offer different functionalities at a slightly higher price point.

Will you throw a vibrator into your cart and proudly head to check out? Or do you still feel apprehensive about it?