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Body Watch: Hot Beach Bodies and How to Get One

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A steady stream of celebs hit the beach and pool this week, reminding us that summer is not too far off in the horizon. We have enough time to score firm abs like Gabrielle Union, toned arms like Kelly Rowland and trim thighs like Jessica White. How?

Celebrity trainer Robert Brace, whose clients include former "106 & Park" host Free, tells us how to get our best body in a matter of weeks with his revolutionary "NYLean25" Program. Read on for our exclusive interview... Is it realistic to even think we can have a body as fit as the stars?
Robert Brace:
Twelve weeks is what you need, but it can be done in eight. It all depends on how hard you work. Typically, it takes someone 90 days to change their body! How can we do this?
Robert Brace:
You are going to have to drop body fat all over your body — not just in what you think are your trouble areas. I always suggest a low carb, low fat, low sugar diet that is high in protein and lots of fiber. Why is this?
You want your body to burn the fat on your body and not extra calories found in sugar, fat and carbohydrates. Beyond targeting fat all over our body how can we get the toned abs we see on celebs?
You want to do a lot of different ab exercises to get those muscles firm. You don't want to stay in the same old ab routine. People do the same old thing over and over again and they don't see results. Your abdominal area has a lot of different sections and you want to do a variety of excercises that will target each of them. Are them some exercises we can start doing to get started?
Planks, side planks and classic sit ups — if done with proper form — are awesome for your body. What other ways exercises can help us burn fat all over our body?
The fastest way to burn body fight is interval training — short bursts of high activity. For some examples, you can check out my workout with Free on or follow us on Twitter for daily tips. 


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