Body Watch: The 40 Hottest Bodies in Hollywood

Sometimes the word "sexy" isn't even enough. From LL Cool J's chiseled abs to Angela Bassett's toned arms, Hollywood is packed with celebs whose bodies are as legendary as their talents. Celebrity fitness trainer, Chris Sainsbury knows this all too well. From sculpting Rihanna's legs, to trimming Idris Elba's torso, celeb trainer Chris Sainsbury has worked with them all. Read on for his quick tips for getting a physique as fit and as these stars, then check out this gallery of chiseled bodies to be inspired... Here's what you had to say: Michelle commented via Facebook: "Anyone can have a nice body if you're willing to work at it and not eat like a farm animal. " Estelle wrote via Facebook: "I have a great body, but I'm not a celebrity. Does that count?"


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