Sound Off: Is Keri Hilson's New Video Too Sexy?

Keri Hilson recently gave us an anthem every beautiful woman could bop her head to with the sweet "Pretty Girl Rock." But as she gears up for this month's release of her sophomore album "No Boys Allowed," it isn't just her songwriting that has the blogosphere abuzz. It's her uber-sexual video for her latest single, "The Way You Love Me." After watching the video I was utterly floored. It's not that I'm a prude who hadn't been exposed to a great deal of sexually provocative content in music. But I never expected it from Ms. Keri... Here's what you had to say: Elena commented via Facebook: "It was raw and edgy. It's okay to delve into that side of yourself every now and then." Jescelia wrote via Facebook: "I have no problem with sexiness, but this is just kind of raunchy. What happened to subtlety?"
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